The Fighter Who Leads the Stars

The Fighter Who Leads the Stars

The Fighter Who Leads the Stars

Captain Mark, the former Sirius sage, told you to wait while he decodes the card.

Required Level : 25
In Desert Scream
Let’s meet Markus(Guard).

1. Talk to Markus and receive the quest.


Captain Mark has asked for you again.

Perhaps he has gotten weary of passing so much time alone. Seeing him ask for you often makes me believe you are quite good to the old man.

Yes? No? Ha ha ha ha.

2. After you speak to Markus, go to Captain Mark’s House dungeon and speak to Captain Mark.

Captain Mark

To be honest, I have tracked your doings ever since you entered Nevareth.
Honestly, even until recently, I was not really sure; it is fortunate.

Truth be told, the card that you returned to me previously could not be unsealed by just anyone.

Although I apologize for having presented to you what was the ultimately a test, it has prove that you are indeed ………..

I wish you God’s speed.

Quest Reward:

Exp: 20,000
Amount: 2,500 Alz
Honor Points: 250


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